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Movers and Packers in Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Johor

We often forget and underestimate the importance of proper packing during a move process what we forget is that it is the most vital step. Packing will determine half of the success of the move process as it declares that properly packed items will grant the transaction successful. Other movers have the capability in packing on their own while others are not; to save you up for another wasted time it is time to call for a back up and hire a professional movers and packers to help you with.

Movers Asia is the right team for you as we have the best men in the industry who were well-trained, knowledgeable and experts when it comes to proper moving and packing.

We offer the following services:

Our Packing Services

This is the kind of packing we recommend for large scale of goods, most preferable choice for commercial moving like business. This can also be an accommodating choice in house moving so the client has the choice to pack up only those immediate needs like clothing. Other also see this as a convenient choice most especially when the equipments are still need to be use and running for business purposes; what remains that’s unnecessary are packed and transported first to the new location.

Single day packing is recommended for local house moving and for intermediate size of good to be loaded. Locations that wouldn’t take for a day to transport are also considered in this area and suite or apartment move also qualifies. Single day packing takes time thus we deploy enough number of packers to accompany and assist you in moving and packing all your valuables.

This type of packing is commonly chosen by moving families that is under a tight budget in their moving process. In partial packing, we only pack those complicated stuff you have and all other fragile and delicate items present. The rest that are easy to take care of are handled by the moving client. This is a wise choice for a budget move.

After all the items are transported and delivered to the new location, the accompanying team of movers are also capable to assist you with the unpacking whenever you need an extra hand in doing the tasks. We are capable of unpacking the boxes; moving things around until everything is settled and you are ready to enjoy your new home.All our packing and moving services include the full provision of boxes, packaging materials and all other necessities the moving process requires.

The Importance of Proper Packing

We might sometime disregard the whole idea of executing proper packing during the move while we don’t understand it is the most and crucial part. Performing and doing proper packing eliminates the idea of your items getting damaged and broken during the transport process. Packing is not just filling up boxes with stuff but it requires specialty that not all the people has. The moment we mention proper packing that includes cushioning, safety procedures and proper stacking and loading of items into right boxes and right classifications. It also requires proper labeling and safety warnings. The assurance of having the entire move process is in the hands of the people who are performing the packing. You don’t need to waste your time on packing your things. Instead, you can contact us and we’ll send over our expert packers, who will take care of it for you.

Our movers and packers work all around Malaysia, including such areas, as Johor Bahru, Penang, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur among others.

Contact us now and let us pack your things for you!

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