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Office Mover Malaysia

Office moving is quite a handful of a task most especially when you already been stable in one place but as we say when the business starts to grow the office shall too. Moving from one office to another is a heavy workload and it somehow results to stress. Trans Movers wants to help you out on this new journey you will be undertaking in your business endeavor.

Inorder to fully relocate you and start your business up and running in no time, we will provide a full moving service which includes the process of moving all your business equipments like fax machines, computers, workstations and large data servers. Heavy and bulky furniture including the sofas, filing cabinets and even office decorations and fixtures are also included. We will deploy our best and expert team of movers to work with you and help you out in the entire process. Moreover, we even provide a temporary storage facility where your items and valuables are stored temporarily while the new office is under renovation and refurbishments.

So whether you are moving from a city away new office location or just moving internally in the same corporate office building, Trans Mover is the best partner you could ever ask for. We assure every client that in the end of the day, they are 100% guaranteed happy and satisfied.

Office Mover in Kuala Lumpur, Penang &Johor

We cover areas of moving in the following specifications:


Trans Mover just literally can move everything in your office and that is an easy task for us to handle. Let our professional movers do the moving of the following:

  • Machines (computers, fax machines, photocopier and printers)
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Cabinets (filing drawers, steel cabinets, shelves)
  • Workstation and cubicles
  • Tables and chairs
  • Electronics (TV monitors, sound system, Audio-Visual System)
  • Communications (landlines phones, VoIP phones)
  • Safe deposit boxes (wall-built, portable, heavy and large size boxes)
  • Wall decorations, artworks, mirrors
  • Special machineries (specified industry use: medical equipment, heavy machineries)
  • Others

How We Do It?

We believe that moving you the fastest way possible will make you use the most of the time to control and manage your business. We believe that time-efficiency is the key to improve the business status in this growing industry and we don’t want any delays. That is why; Trans Mover comes up with a very effective step by step process on how we do every moving transaction.

Want to know how we do it? Read and learn.

  • Timeline – That is the basic thing that needs to be settled out before the entire move process starts. That includes preferred date of moving and the schedule date of packing the items. Packing and loading the items in a corporate move is not done by overnight; suggested schedules run for days and it should be planned well.
  • Disassembly – There are quite things needs to be taken care in every corporate move; computer units’ needs to be disassembled prior to loading and other furniture as well.
  • Packing and Loading – Proper labeling of boxes are done on site, performed proper cushioning and safe-proofing all fragile and delicate items. Loading are done systematically to promote risk and damage-free transport.
  • Logistics – Well-detailed logistics are inorder to transport all the items at the new location. A fleet of lorry or loading trucks is used during the transport and these loading vehicles are fully-equipped with the right accessories to fasten and hold all the items while the transport begins.
  • Unloading and Unpacking, reassembly is the last step in the entire process but we still have post-move care service. You can still get hold of our services even after the move. Anything necessary that you want us to handle; most commonly using the storage facility for a temporary storage of extra properties.

We understand that moving in a new environment is not an easy task but when you move with us we will assure you that the process is just like a new adventure. Our dedicated team will make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with the service.

Call us whenever you decided to move on to a new office and need our help! Our lines are open even on weekends.

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